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Fitness Mania (Bulgarian)


Everything started in 1993. I was a student in the 11th class in the German high school and I had a secondary-school students farewell ball forthcoming. My classmate and friend Milena wanted to loose weight, so that the dress for the ball could fit her. So, she asked me to accompany her in the fitness studio- she was too shy to go there alone. She visited the gym 2 or 3 times afterwards and finally gave up, but I caught fire forever! Namely there, in the typical male gym in the Boris park in Sofia, I discovered the best sport for myself (no other sport can increase the metabolism at resting time as body building does!!) and the perfect way to release the negative energy. s every girl in puberty, I had some problem arias on my body and was permanently on different diets. Once I even spent two weeks only drinking water and eating applesEverything resulted in just 1 kg downwards and an awful mood. Then I decided: since it is not possible to decrease the girt of the hips, lets try to increase the girt of the shoulders to make my body look more symmetric! I started training with weights, dividing the main muscle groups in separate days and after one year the effect was present- for the first time in my life I finally liked what I saw in the mirror.


The first steps in body building are always difficult, especially if you are an 18years old girl and have no idea what to do in the gym. When I started, the fitness studios were still not a fashion, neither the fitness instructors. In other words, the first few months I was simply looking at what the elder guys were doing, because I was too shy to ask questions. One day, when I was on the way to injure myself with a barbell, a concerned boy came to me and said: Miss, may I show you some mistakes Ive noticed in your work out? That way I got to know the composer of some of my most beautiful songs. 1999 I met Kosio- the muscular drummer of my band, who showed me some specific techniques in body building. Actually, thanks to him I became aware of the muscle-mind connection in completing an exercise. Later on, I discovered for myself the American magazine MUSCLE &FITNESS. Most of the facts about training, nutrition and supplements I learned from it.


In the gym it is very important to listen to your body, not to forget the muscle-mind connection and to visualize the result. My motivation from the very beginning is to cheat n my genes, to change the structure of my body and finally to make the correlation hips-shoulders in favour of the shoulder girt. My work out with weights continues up to one hour, because I usually go to the gym with the routine arranged in my mind and perform sets of high intensity. My goal is mostly to get ripped and to lose weight- I start every exercise with two heavy sets of 6 reps, and the other two sets I perform 12-15 reps with lighter weights. The rest between sets is 30-40sec. I never combine different muscle groups in one work out, which means that I split my routine in five days. Every routine I end up with various exercises for the abdominals and 10min. of stretching. The lack of cardio in the fitness studio I try to compensate with bike riding.


After 10 years being a vegetarian and with increasing the amount of the weights, the moment came, when it was impossible for my body to recover after weight training just with peas and nuts Almost compulsory I inserted in my menu fish, chicken and eggs. Carbs and proteins after work out are important- I provide them by eating my favorite combination of walnuts and honey; boiled rise, whole nut bread and tuna fish. During the day I drink 3l of water (in the summer even more) and 1l green tea (antioxidant, supports fat burn). During the 3 years of practice as a consultant in a sports company, Ive tried most of the supplements in our catalogue. I jumped to the conclusion, that creatine and proteins are not suitable for me, but I discovered too, that L-Glutamine (anti-catabolic, immune stimulant, helps building of lean mass) and L-Carnitine (supports fat burn and the heart function) work good for my body.

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