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2001 Ani Lozanova, together with the drummer Konstantin Dinev, creates the Band with the idea to perform her original songs live, because she does not accept performing "playback". Collecting of musicians proves to be a difficult process- most of them are committed to other bands or work abroad. So, Ani and Kosio start going about the night clubs in Sofia, hoping to find the proper people. This way they come across the bass player, Mario Ivanov. Later on, Emil Bojadjiev joins the band- piano player, composer and owner of a musical studio, whose role in building up the sound of the group is crucial. The first guitar player is Charlie from Bourgas, for whom the every day rehearsals in Kosio's apartment, as well as the gigs in the clubs in Sofia, become too strenuous and soon he leaves the band. His place takes Rossen Cheshmedjiev, who, except a guitar player, is a sound engineer in "Factor" studio and composer too.

The first gig of the band takes place in the most popular club in Sofia - "Swingin'Hall". Ani and the musicians are fairly nervous, because they don't feel quite sure of their repertoire yet... In spite of that, the performance is more than successful and they become one of the favorite bands of Swingin'Hall.

In the summer of 2004 the second change in the group takes place- the keyboardist Emil is replaced by the only 20-years old student- Kalin Zhechev. The band starts touring the pubs in Sofia and the country, among which J.J. Murphy's, Back Stage, Maskata, Bibliotheka, Horizon, Happy End... The compact and high-quality sound of Ani Lozanova Band, as well as its varied repertoire (from Tina Turner to Michael Jackson; from U2 to Dido), doesn't stay unnoticed and the invitations for private parties and various events become more frequent.

April 2005 the group endures a heavy loss - after 5 years together on stage, the guitar player Rossen gets sick with an acute form of leukemia and on the 4th of April he dies. The band decides to arrange an IN MEMORIAM evening for Rossen. On the 15th of May, in Swingin'Hall, friends and colleges of Rossen get together to pay homage to the memory of the talented musician and splendid person.

The uneasy mission to take Rosen's place falls on the guitarist Vladimir Todorov and after an oppressive period of adaptation, the musicians are back on their feet again.

Nowadays Ani Lozanova Band is one of the most successful live club bands, thank to its unity and friendship, uncompromising attitude to sound and brilliant presence on stage.

Members of the Band Info

Konstantin Dinev

Born 30.06.68, ex- Marathon band; plays drums in Ani Lo. Band / Ani Lo. Projekt; sound engineer and sound maniac! Biker, one of the creators of Motto club BARBARIANS, owner of a motto service in San Diego, US. Body builder, keen on tattoos.

Mario Ivanov

Born 10.06.66, ex- Allegro band; plays bass guitar in Ani Lo.Band; bass guitars collector and Jazz maniac. Entertains the band with his imitators talent.

Kalin Zhechev

Born 23.03.82; plays keyboards in Ani Lo. Band; has a diploma for sound engineer from the Musical Academy, now student of jazz and pop piano in the Musical Academy; sings in the youth choir Ave Music.

Vladimir Todorov

Born 9.02.73, plays the guitar in Ani Lo. Band; composes and orchestrates in the project for chill out, electronic music- EDIT.

In Memoriam Rossen Cheshmedjiev (22.08.73- 4.04.2005)

Guitarist, composer, sound engineer in Factor musical studio; he has recorded and played with various musicians, among who Electric Shock, Reverse Effect, Seven, OJ Band, Ani Lozanova Band; he wrote the original songs for one of the participants in the song contest in the Slavi Show.
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